Model 2600

DVI Model 2600 - Front View, Controls Up

The Model 2600 is a 26" diameter, scaled-down version of the Model 3600, featuring an open-architecture frame and a cryopump for high vacuum pumping.

Vacuum Chamber

Inner Diameter 26" (66.04 cm)
Depth 32" (81.28 cm)
Shape cylinder
Orientation horizontal
Material Stainless Steel 304
  • A full-opening, hinged front door with a view port in the center is standard.

Access Ports

Number of Ports 5 (3 on left, 2 on right)
Inner Diameter - Left 4" (10.16 cm)
Inner Diameter - Right 6" (15.24 cm)
Type ASA/ANSI flanges
Material Stainless Steel 304
  • Each access port is fitted with an o-ring grooved ASA/ANSI flange, enhanced for safety and convenience with tapped bolt holes.
  • Flanges are covered with a fixed, flat (smooth-faced) blank, sealed with a Viton o-ring, and compressed with stainless steel, hex-head bolts, nuts and washers.
  • Other flange configurations are available, including view ports.

Thermal Platen

Width 20" (50.8 cm)
Length 28" (71.12 cm)
Material Aluminum, anodized black
  • The thermal platen is embedded with electric heating elements and copper passages for LN2 cooling, providing a temperature range of -150°C to 200°C.


  • CTI-Cryogenics Cryo-Torr 8 Cryopump capable of pumping air at 1,500 l/s.
  • Adixen / Alcatel 2021 rotary vane roughing / backing pump.
  • A turbopump is an available option.


  • A microprocessor-based PLC provides push-button selection of pumpdown and venting cycles, while providing preset pressure interlocks.
    • Manual mode allows control of the pumps and valves for troubleshooting or non-standard operation.
    • Automatic mode allows unattended pumpdown from atmosphere to high vacuum and initiation of thermal test cycle (if enabled).
    • Automatic cycles are designed with time, pressure, and temperature interlocks affording maximum protection to the hardware under test as well as the components of the system.
  • The thermal test cycle is controlled by a Eurotherm model 2404 temperature controller/programmer with digital temperature display.
    • The programmer maintains constant PID control of the temperature and has the capability of setting time and temperature through a 4 or 20 program, 16 segment ramp and soak capability.
    • 4 programs come standard with an option for 20.
  • The operator interface includes an 8.4" color touch screen for easy on-screen control and display of vacuum system status.
  • The adjustable control panel can be lowered for full access to the vacuum chamber.


Volts 208
Phase three
Amps 30
Gas 10-15 PSI
Liquid 20-100 PSI
Cooling Water
Flow Rate 2 GPM (7.57 LPM)
Compressed 60-100 PSI


Width 48" (121.92 cm)
Depth 42" (106.68 cm)
Height 72" (182.88 cm)
Weight (approx.) 1,800 lb. (816.5 kg)


DVI Model 2600 - Front View, Controls Up DVI Model 2600 - Front View, Controls Down DVI Model 2600 - Service View DVI Model 2600 - Side View, Controls Down DVI Model 2600 - Side View, Controls Up DVI Model 2600 - Rear View DVI Model 2600 - Controls On