Model V30

DVI Model V30 - Front View

Inspired by the traditional Bell Jar design, The Model V30 features a vertical chamber with a 30" diameter. A motorized hoist lifts the stainless steel chamber allowing full 360° access to the platen. A very useful option is the faceted feedthrough collar which can accommodate up to 19 separate feedthroughs.

Vacuum Chamber

Inner Diameter 30" (76.2 cm)
Height 30" (76.2 cm)
Shape cylinder
Orientation vertical
Material Stainless Steel 304
  • The chamber is raised & lowered by a motorized hoist.

Access Ports

Number of Ports Custom
Inner Diameter Custom
Type ASA/ANSI flanges
Material Stainless Steel 304
  • Each access port is fitted with an o-ring grooved ASA/ANSI flange, enhanced for safety and convenience with tapped bolt holes.
  • Flanges are covered with a fixed, flat (smooth-faced) blank, sealed with a Viton o-ring, and compressed with stainless steel, hex-head bolts, nuts and washers.
  • Other flange configurations are available:
    • Faceted feedthrough collar which can accommodate up to 19 separate feedthroughs.
    • View ports

Thermal Platen

Width Custom
Length Custom
Material Aluminum, anodized black
  • The thermal platen is designed and manufactured to the customer specifications.
  • The thermal platen is embedded with electric heating elements and copper passages for LN2 cooling, providing a temperature range of -150°C to 200°C.


  • A microprocessor-based PLC provides push-button selection of pumpdown and venting cycles, while providing preset pressure interlocks.
    • Manual mode allows control of the pumps and valves for troubleshooting or non-standard operation.
    • Automatic mode allows unattended pumpdown from atmosphere to high vacuum and initiation of thermal test cycle (if enabled).
    • Automatic cycles are designed with time, pressure, and temperature interlocks affording maximum protection to the hardware under test as well as the components of the system.
  • The thermal test cycle is controlled by a Eurotherm model 2404 temperature controller/programmer with digital temperature display.
    • The programmer maintains constant PID control of the temperature and has the capability of setting time and temperature through a 4 or 20 program, 16 segment ramp and soak capability.
    • 4 programs come standard with an option for 20.
  • The operator interface includes an 8.4" color touch screen for easy on-screen control and display of vacuum system status.


DVI Model V30 - Front View DVI Model V30 - Service View